NEW: Genesis Zero Gravity Synthetic Gut

NEW: Genesis Zero Gravity Synthetic Gut

The new Genesis Zero Gravity Synthetic Gut 1.30, 16g reel. This special string is perfect for hybrids, it has added texture for increasing spin and grip. Durability is pretty decent compared to other Synthetics. And this black color looks amazing when you Hybrid almost any Co-Polyester string in the market. Remember, when using 100% polyester sometimes is to harsh for your arm, then going Hybrid is the option. We have softer strings like Blizzard, Thunder Blast and the softer one of all Xplosion if you are looking for maximum sensation.

• Construction: Copolimer nucleus covered with a nylon hood.

• Advantage: Great sensation and good for the arm.

Color: Black

Length: 40’ sets (12m) and 660’ reels (200m)

Gauges: 16 (1.29mm)

Blizzard Synthetic Gut

Blizzard Synthetic Gut

Genesis Blizzard Synthetic Gut is a great string for players who seek a durable like poly but with the benefits of a soft synthetic string. An arm friendly string that can be used in full jobs and hybrids.

Construction: Several high elastic monofilaments are compressed and used as the center core. The outer core is constructed from a very thin layer of monofilament that is twisted to aid in spin production. An elastomer resin coating completes the process.

Advantages: Blizzard Synthetic Gut offers plenty of pop through the elastic resin coating that increases repulsion power. The twisted outer core grabs the ball exceptionally well for increased spin and control.

Color: Pitch Black, Natural

Length: 40′ sets (12m) and 660′ reels (200m)

Gauges: 16 (1.30mm) and 16L (1.25mm)

Tournament Nylon

Tournament Nylon

One of the most economical strings around, Genesis Tournament Nylon is a terrific string for those who are seeking a cheap but durable soft nylon string. The high strength nylon core with a layer of high tenacity co-polymer monofilament outer wraps makes this string long lasting. Great string for stringers on a budget!

Construction: Nylon

Color: Yellow, Black, Natural

Length: 660′ reels (200m)

Gauges: 15L (1.36) and 16 (1.30)